Company Services

we are offering various competitive services in the field of oil and gas including drilling and maintenance of wells within the fields, Building and welding of pipelines, Operations and maintenance of compressors, pumps, valves and other facilities, Risk consultancy, Rust treatment, Precision machinery and process control, Cathodic protection, Maintenance and repairs of reservoirs, Planning systems preventive maintenance, Offshore and onshore drilling.

We are also offering services such as Use of new chemical methods to clean the tanks, Testing ,Infrared inspection and selection coalition, Monitoring vibrations and much more.

Brent has done some OIL trade deals and has a good knowledge in oil trade. As well as the products such as Diesel , JP54 ….etc.

Brent is currently preparing a training center in Istanbul –Turkey for Oil & Gas training .

Brent cooperates with other national or foreign companies and organizations conducting similar activities in field of oil and gas to achieve its goal in Libya or abroad.